The obligation of fasting in the month of Ramadaan for the Believers, men and women, who are sane and healthy, is a clear message to mankind that unrestricted indulgence in fulfilling the desires of one's base or animal self has to be curbed for some time, to give an upliftment to one's spiritual self. The object of fasting, as described in the Holy Qur’aan, is “so that you may guard against evil.”


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Verulam Young Muslim Society

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Chairman   Mohamed Kalil Cassim   032 533 7869
Treasusrer   Abubakr Badat   083 274 5108
Secretary   Ebrahim Vorajee   078 437 0085
Office Admin   Shabeer Bux   079 303 1338
Welfare Chairman   Mohamed Kalil Cassim   078 758 2515
Education Chairman   Cassim Surtee   083 786 5610
Assistant   Edris Kathrada   084 550 3169


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